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FAPPIT: Masturbation Not Occupation, Charlie Sheen’s Whore-Shaming, Sex Toys, Holy Water, Germ Warfare & Conflict Resolution, the Bonobo Way

21 Nov , 2015  


by Dr. Susan Block

There’s a war going on, the latest maneuver in the old Perma-War on Terror. From stark Biblical deserts to bustling world-class cities, bombs are falling, refugees fleeing, innocents being massacred, citizens panicking, politicians posturing and great clashes of force commanding the world stage. In the Womb Room, often serving as a Commedia Erotica microcosm of the universe, we have our own little “clash of force” on this particular show, and it’s kind of a doozy. Conflict erupts, tempers flare, words wound and patience runs as thin as a condom stretched over an elephant penis. But we find our way to “peace through pleasure” pretty damn quickly, with the help of some fine erotic entertainment, sensuous sex toys, friendly libations, wet naked fun and the Bonobo Way.

Unfortunately, our political leaders are more likely to read The Art of War (a great book, actually) than The Bonobo Way. Maybe that’s why the only ones to “win” these wars are the arms dealers. Bombs, guns and the occasional explosive soda-can-that-blew-up-airliner are the delectable fetish objects of the military mind.


© November 21, 2015. Susan Block, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Dr. Suzy,” is a world renowned LA sex therapist, author of The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure and horny housewife, occasionally seen on HBO and other channels. For speaking engagements, call 310-568-0066.

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Paris, Yale & the Bonobo Way + the G-Spot of Peace through Pleasure

20 Nov , 2015  


by Dr. Susan Block

Hosting a live pro-sex variety show less than 24 hours after a horrific multiple mass murder in the City of Love is a little bizarre. But it’s a “healing” kind of bizarre, like pushing yourself to have sex when you’re under-the-weather, physically or emotionally. After you get into it, very often you feel better. And sometimes it even helps you to get better. This sexual healing part of what I call the Bonobo Way of peace through pleasure.

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Capt’n Max Bday: A Bonoboville Celebration of a Revolutionary Life, Love & The Bonobo Way First Anniversary

10 Nov , 2015  

max-bday_drsuzy-tvaBy Dr. Susan Block

Capt’n Max, a.k.a., Pr. Maximillian R. Leblovic di Lobkowicz di Filangieri, was born at the Vatican Hospital in Rome, on November 8th 1943. At the tender age of seven, he and a horde of other deposed royal families of Europe set sail on a big beautiful ship, eventually arriving in the Great Promised Land of Montclair, New Jersey. There he grew up to be a truly revolutionary publisher of such titles as TheLA Star, Love Magazine, Hate, God, Finger, Meetings with Remarkable People, The Brentwood Bla Bla, Beverly Hills, the Magazine and many more, pioneering the first “reader-written” media which exploded in the Internet Age, becoming the behemoth we now call “social media.”

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Halloween in BOOnoBOOville!

3 Nov , 2015  

Halloween-2-5_DrSuzy-Tv-lerBy Dr. Susan Block

As nights grow long from the witch’s hex, let us enter the realm of scary sex… whereupon our congregation of bonobo brothers & sisters is transformed into a convocation of sexy witches and hot bitches, tranced-out tramps and curvaceous vamps, all of us gathered together in the Womb Room for the magical, orgasmical, singing, dancing, delightfully debauched, vibrating, broom-flying, Sybian-riding screaming climaxXx of Kink Month 2015 and another high-flying, frighteningly hot Halloweeeeeen in BOOnoBOOville.

BOO! This impactful exclamation ranges in meaning from the creepy moan of a ghost to an affectionate name for a lover. “Boo” is also the first syllable of “boo-ty,” which brings us to our surprise featured guests for Halloween 2015 in BOOnoBOOville, the queens of big boo-ty, or to be even more specific (and politically incorrect) “whooty” (“white girls with booty”): Marcy Diamond and Virgo Peridot

Marcy has come a long way since her  maiden voyage on DrSuzy.Tv when she joined us via Skype from Miami, having dumped the disapproving boyfriend and other sources of kink-negativity along her path to BBW (big beautiful woman) porn-stardom. As her first appearance was Masturbation Month ClimaxXxx 2013, its fitting that she joins us now for Kink Month ClimaxXx 2015. Indeed, Marcy provides the opening climax of the night—her first orgasm in two weeks!—on a magnificent, stripped naked, BOO-ty-bouncing Sybian ride, which is also her maiden voyage on this magical machine…

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