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Village Groups: The Un-Official Miley Cyrus Selfie Book

3 Jul , 2016  

Like selfies? Dig Miley Cyrus? Join The Un-Official Miley Cyrus Selfie Book and contribute your favorite pix. 


From Disney to backyards shows with Happy Hippie, Miley Cyrus is more than a television and music icon. To date she has graced countless magazine covers, appeared on many late night television shows, toured the world and agitated the airwaves with her expressions of sensuality, sexuality and self. This young musician has six studio albums, with multiple chart toppers, including “The Climb”, “Party in the U.S.A.”, “Can’t Be Tamed”, “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball.” Her musical style vary transgressing  multiple genres; pop, country, folk, and hip-hop. 

~Del Rey

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27 Jul , 2016  

Booking guests for upcoming live broadcasts of The Dr. Susan Block Show.

Performers, musicians, authors, educators, kinksters, couples, trouples, artists and exhibitionists are encouraged to contact 310.568.0066. Ref: Del Rey

This is a live broadcast from the BONOBOVILLE LAX, 15 minutes south of West Hollywood, LIVE LIVE LIVE every Saturday night.
Doors open at 9:45pm, and show time runs from 10:30 until midnight

Dr. Susan Block is author of the critically acclaimed book The Bonobo Way, and is Los Angeles' own Mistress of the Airwaves. 

Some of the stuff we talk about:
  • peace through pleasure
  • sex toys 
  • Politics 
  • Porn
  • Literature
  • Punk rock
  • Squirting
  • BDSM
  • Crossdressing
  • Casual sex
  • Ecosexuality and Environmentalism
  • Food
  • Ecology
  • Sex
  • Cinema
  • Fetishes
  • Relationships
  • Cannabis
  • Sex Positions
  • Transexuals
  • Books
  • New Releases
  • Masturbation
  • Revolution
  • and so much more.


For booking, please contact
or tweet us @RadioSuzy1.

What are people saying about Dr. Suzy and The Dr. Susan Block Show:

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Therapy for the Trumpocalypse on DrSuzy.Tv with 99Dollz!

26 Jul , 2016  

You knew the pot was boiling,  ‪#‎Trumpocalypse is here!

Get your Therapy for the Trumpocalypse with 99Dollz on DrSuzy.Tv.

Watch as Bonoboville takes a stand against the #SmallHands man,



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Get to Know a Bonobo: Chelsea Demoiselle

14 Jul , 2016  

“Sorry I’ve been away. I stepped over to “Events” and was working on something then neglected my feed … Helllooooooooo BONOBOVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Chelsea Demoiselle

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Get to Know a Bonobo: Priestessm

10 Jul , 2016

“I love Dr. Suzy.
I hope to see this website flourish!!!”


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