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22 Sexy Songs That Give Female Masturbation The Love It Deserves by Caroline Bologna | Huffington Post

30 Apr , 2017  

Caroline Bologna
via The Huffington Post

“In August, Hailee Steinfeld released her debut single and music video — an upbeat song called “Love Myself.” With lyrics like “know how to satisfy, keeping that tempo right without you” and “I’m gonna touch the pain away, I know how to scream my own name,” the song has earned praise from many female listeners who consider it a bonafide “masturbation anthem.”

Admittedly, the lyrics are ambiguous enough to assume that “Love Myself” is just a fun pop song about feeling empowered, but when Steinfeld appears in the music video wearing a leotard with the words “self service,” any doubts about the song’s “menage à moi” meaning are quelled.”


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