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The Crucifixion of Courtney Stodden

11 May , 2021  

I have seen some gnarly truths that I wish I could unsee,” reveals Courtney Stodden.

If you recall, Stodden first made headlines in 2011 when, at the age of 16, they wed Doug Hutchison, a 50-year-old acting coach best known for his sadistic prison guard turn in The Green Mile. (Though underage, their mother signed off on it.) What followed was a media firestorm wherein Stodden, branded the “teen bride,” became an object of widespread scorn and ridicule due to their aberrant behavior, revealing outfits, heavy makeup, and large breasts. Anderson Cooper compared them to a stripper on CNN; Dr. Drew examined their breasts in front of a live studio audience; and celebrities even urged them to kill themself. (Stodden identifies as non-binary.)

But Courtney Stodden was just a teenager. And now, in the wake of the documentary Framing Britney Spears, which captured the media’s cruel treatment of the pop superstar in the 2000s, Stodden’s plight is worthy of similar cultural reassessment—a point Magdalene Taylor raised in a column for MEL Magazine, writing that “the media and the viewer turned a child-abuse victim into a sleazy spectacle.”

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