Not Guilty

24 Jun , 2021  

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Living Alone…

17 Jun , 2021  

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Don’t Go Under the RED HOOD: DC Refused an Oral Sex Scene Between Batman and Catwoman

15 Jun , 2021  

“But if I do that… if I allow myself to go down into that place… I’ll never come back.”

When it comes to what heroes should and should not do, is there a specific guide? And who exactly gets to define what heroes do? Apparently, executives at DC have decided what it is that our most revered (and fictional) heroes should do. According to a recent interview in Variety, co-creators of the Harley Quinn animated series, Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacher, talked about the creative liberties of working with villains. However, when it came to the portrayal of the Dark Knight himself, DC bigwigs had more concerns.

“It’s incredibly gratifying and free to be using characters that are considered villains because you just have so much more leeway,” says Halpern. “A perfect example of that is in this third season of ‘Harley’ [when] we had a moment where Batman was going down on Catwoman. And DC was like, ‘You can’t do that. You absolutely cannot do that.’ They’re like, ‘Heroes don’t do that.’ So, we said, ‘Are you saying heroes are just selfish lovers?’ They were like, ‘No, it’s that we sell consumer toys for heroes. It’s hard to sell a toy if Batman is also going down on someone.’”

So it’s not OK for Batman to give Catwoman some head, but it’s perfectly OK for him to murder purple (as depicted in various comics, TV shows, and films). And do these people really want us to believe that sexy feline anti-hero Catwoman/Selena Kyle is going to be with a man that doesn’t eat pussy, least of all a caped crusader? Also, let us not forget that Batman/Bruce Wayne definitely gets laid. What Billionaire Playboy Genius Philanthropist wouldn’t? In the animated movie of The Killing Joke, Batman has sex with Batgirl. In Batman Returns, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have some steamy rendezvous, with masks- and without.


As expected, social media has run amuck with the news, challenging DC to be sex positive. As far as comic-inspired shows go, Harley Quinn is pushing the envelope. It’s a shame that “going under the Red Hood” is being censored in the name of toy sales. However, children shouldn’t be watching the Harley Quinn series anyway. And they shouldn’t have been watching Christopher Nolan’s Batman either, or The Killing Joke, and let us not forget the overt sexiness of Tim Burton’s Batman, as well the campy, lusty gaze of Joel Schumacher (bat nipples, anyone?).


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Anyways, we’re hoping that DC gets its act together and shows heroes doing more “human” acts because how can you be a hero if you’re not a giver?

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The Curious Rise of Twitter Power Broker Yashar Ali

11 Jun , 2021  

This is an interesting article about one of the most powerful voices on the internet, Yashar Ali. A somewhat mysterious entity that has garnered hundreds of thousands of followers, and an influence similar to that of Shaun King, Ali has managed to float by for years without a lot of questioning. However, this article is a deep dive into the checked history of Yashar Ali, and his symbiotic relationship with the rich and famous. From working as a production assistant in LA to working underneath Gavin Newsome, to shacking up with Kathy Griffin, this story sheds some light on one of social media’s most polarizing figures. 


You can read the entire article here, at LA Mag

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It’s 69 Day! Happy June 9th!

9 Jun , 2021  

Happy 69 day! It’s the 9th of June, and it’s a special date for everyone’s (or maybe just anyone sex-positive’s) favorite number! While today isn’t an official holiday, if you have a sexual partner, if you aren’t already, try to spice things up with the 69 position! Allow yourselves to simultaneously experience pleasure. May you and your partner enjoy it equally. 

While the 69 is often believed to be a singular position, there are a number of ways that you can experience it: 

Classic: Two people align themselves so that each person’s mouth is positioned near the other’s private parts. One lies on top with their knees straddling their partner’s head. They often perform oral sex on each other. The female partner is usually on the top. 

Inverted: It’s pretty much the same as the Classic version, except the male partner is typically on the top. 

Swinging: If you’re adventurous enough, and have a sex swing, you can do this already saucy position while suspended in midair!

Sideways: For this version, both partners lay on their sides. This is a little bit easier if you both want to relax a bit. 

Standing: For those more athletic people, you can enjoy the 69 while both standing. Just make sure your partner can handle holding you (or you can hold your partner) for an unspecified amount of time! 


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Looking for tips on how to make the experience better? We’ve got you covered! Here are some ways you can enjoy your 69 Day…or ways you can enjoy the 69 year-round. 

  1. Get comfy and protect your neck. For the partner on the bottom, make sure you have a pillow and get in a comfortable position! 
  2. Don’t forget to use your hands too!
  3. Take turns pleasuring each other. Please, don’t be selfish and allow one partner to do all the work. 
  4. If it’s too uncomfortable, lie on your side. As mentioned above, this will make the experience easier for both partners. 
  5. Have fun and don’t take sex too seriously! The best part of sex is just having fun with your partner. When you both can laugh together, it will alleviate the awkwardness that comes with sharing each other’s bodies. 

Happy sexual adventures!