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  • I just had my first experience of HAI. In many ways, it was quite bonobo-like. Have any other brother or sister bonobos had this experience?

  • Thank you! It was a treat to put faces and voices to all the names! I certainly look forward to my next sojourn to Bonoboville!

    Gareth B. posted a new activity comment 6 years, 8 months ago

  • Lots of mellow fun at the Bonoboville party a couple of nights ago — great to have a conversation with Suzy, and quite surprising to meet Odette there, a fetlife friend. Goofy happy sexy play.

    The day before, I spent a couple of hours with the bonobos at the San Diego Zoo. One of the bonobo ladies came right up to the glass (separating the bonobos from the hairless primates, and looked into my eyes for several minutes. A genuine and powerful connection for me; I don’t think it was a big deal for her. Later, one of the bonobo babies was wandering around, and a mature female (no way to tell if she was the mother), slipped an arm around the baby and cuddled her in. It was exactly the gesture a human mother would have done. 98 1/2% genome overlap… they are us, and we are them. It was a stunning to not know this intellectually, but to experience it.

    The Zoo made a conscious decision not to create their habitat near the entrance. Can’t have the school children (busloads arrive every day) watching fucking and oral sex!

    Even the zoo keepers don’t have personal contact with the great apes. They are susceptible to the kinds of viruses that give homo sapiens a runny nose, but those same viruses can kill the non-human primates.

  • As a resident of Bonoboville, what’s the cost for 1 to attend the Lupercalia? The site is a little confusing…

  • These are great, but maybe those made by Sybian would be ecen better!

    Gareth B. posted a new activity comment 7 years, 7 months ago

  • Big party — abut 75 people — pot luck + 7 or 8 trays f homemade lasagna — Yule ritual around the fire — everybody wrote want they wanted to get rid of in their lives on 3×5 cards and nailed them on to the Yule Log — the goddesses in the circle carried it around the sircle and threw it in the fire — the Gods accepted our sacrifuce — put their wishes into a ribbon and tied it on the Yule Tree (a live mesquite!) — then inside for dessert, more shared beverages, and a blues jam session (I play keyboard; a great sax player was there..) — most attendees were not pagans but totally got the spirit of the Circle — this is about the 15th year or this celebratin…

  • A Happy Solstice to one and all!

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