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  • You don’t a lot of posting in your classified, I think my posting would go un-noticed here.  Starting a heading under "Pie Videos" wouldn’t see the light of day by no one, maybe it just me.  Thanks.

  • Thanks you please delete that post I made about my reviews.  What part of your classified should I post & draw my attention to?  Also I will be posting my new 50/50 affiliate program I have on my site now.  Thanks.

  • Sorry about the post, I will keep all posts commercial in regards to my site the classified section.

    • No problem please use the classifieds to promte you goods and services, it’s free. very soon we will have an area where you can build a store and sell your tapes, photos and other goodies.

  • #1 will never help #2 because #1 is afraid #2 becoming #1.  Make sense?

  • Check out my reviews on 3 of my popular video downloads & please be
    sure spread the word & my video downloads from my website.

  • Hello I’m new here to on the invite of Dr.Suzy.  I’m the webmaster of SexyslapstickVideos & I’m was featured this past July on Dr.Suzy talking about "Pie-Sexuality" I like to invite you check out my website when you get a chance.  Thanks so much.

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