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  • Dr. Susan Block gives Bonobo Way Keynote for UPRM Ecosexuality Symposium

    Innovative, informative, and an all around pleasurable Keynote. The Bonobo Way & Ecosexuality are truly revolutionary concepts, and this presentation is a milestone for Bonobo-buddies, Earth Lovers, and Bonoboville locals. I am so humbled to be part of this. Kudos to #TeamBonobo. Watch this amazing keynote right NOW.
  • Meet the Conspirators | #TEAMBONOBO

    There are many bonobo hands that have put together Bonoboville, come and meet the conspirators. #GoBonobos!


  • Don P. posted an update 5 years, 4 months ago

    I’m beginning to feel that places where one can be outwardly sex-positive, are shrinking. There is a war on sexuality and thankfully #TeamBonobo are on the front lines. But I do not know for how long.

    Make no mistake, there is no excuse for sexual harassment from either men or women. But I feel a dark cloud descending on those who are sex-positive. I feel the things that have been happening in recent weeks have been orchestrated by people whose sole purpose in life is to turn back the sexual progress we thought we enjoyed since 65 years ago this December..