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  • #TheBonoboWay at #UCBerkeley: A Travelogue of #Love & #Poly #Vision 🙂

    • Wow! Dr. Block this was an amazing blog post, and one that I’ve been waiting to take a peek at since before you headed over to Berkeley. I knew that this would be an insightful read but the raw emotion, wisdom, and tales of communal ecstasy were simply delightful… I laughed, I cried (seriously that part about your cousin was a tear-jerker, my condolences) and in the end, I wanted to read more. Thanks for sharing the Bonobo Way with the peeps of Bezerkeley, a mimosa toast to you and Max aka “Heater Boy,” as well as a special tip of the hat to Dayton Rains for driving.

      P.S. Having read this blog entry, I don’t think I’ll be looking at memory foam the same way. Seriously.

  • #BonoboWay talk coming to #UCBerkeley 2/13! #GoBonobos!

    • Dr. Susan Block Has taught me so much about Peace threw pleasure.. If we all started to try and live this way maybe we would stop KILLING each other & start LOVING each other!!! Since my short time working with Dr. Susan Block at the institute I Have learned how to be a better person to those around me. Dr. Susan & Captain Max & My fellow Bonobos have been nothing but an Inspiration to me.
      If you are going to be in the area it would be my advice to you to take the time to listen to what Dr. Susan Block has to say.. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. We can’t change the world, But we can start by changing ourselves. #GOBONOBOS2016 XOXOOX Dayton Rains Bonobo