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  • #TheBonoboWay at #UCBerkeley: A Travelogue of #Love & #Poly #Vision 🙂

    • Wow! Dr. Block this was an amazing blog post, and one that I’ve been waiting to take a peek at since before you headed over to Berkeley. I knew that this would be an insightful read but the raw emotion, wisdom, and tales of communal ecstasy were simply delightful… I laughed, I cried (seriously that part about your cousin was a tear-jerker, my condolences) and in the end, I wanted to read more. Thanks for sharing the Bonobo Way with the peeps of Bezerkeley, a mimosa toast to you and Max aka “Heater Boy,” as well as a special tip of the hat to Dayton Rains for driving.

      P.S. Having read this blog entry, I don’t think I’ll be looking at memory foam the same way. Seriously.