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  • Taking calls this evening.

  • Hello available for calls at the Institute, 213-291-9497

  • Hello available for calls at the Dr. Susan Block Institute, erotic and kinky enlightening conversation. 213-291-9497.

  • Do to the holidays I wont be available until Friday evening!
    After the holidays, you can reach me daily, more hours available on a full time basis.
    See you then, hope you have been naughty for Christmas!

  • Call me now for fun, erotica, freedom, love, and erotica. 213-291-9497.
    Their are no limits to what we can talk about. Don’t be shy, I am a loving
    Dominatrix that will embrace your desires with open arms. Always with Love,
    Angelique Devere

  • Available now for phone therapy at the Dr. Susan Block Institute, 213-291-9497 Angelique.

  • Hello call me at the Dr. Susan Block Institute, I would love to hear about all your desires and fantasies. Call Angelique at 213-291-9497.

  • Hello call me for stimulating and erotic conversation at the Dr. Susan Block Institute 24/7. worldwide
    My name is Angelique Devere I am french, native american, italian, and english. I am a petite female with high cheek bones, long hair, light green eyes, milky skin and many erotic tattooes.
    I have been a Professional for 35 years in Domination and 20 years as a phone sex therapist. I have 4 certifications from the New England School of Hypnotherapy as well as trained by a world renowned hypnotist. Call me at the Susan Block Institute for stimulating conversation. We can talk about anything that you desire. Call now! Angelique Devere at 213-291-9497.

Bonobo Since July 2017