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21 Oct , 2016  


Coming This Week: Dr. Serena Gaia Coming to Bonoboville!

11 Jun , 2015  

To attend any of our Exclusive Events you would have to become a contributing member to Bonoboville. This means that you must pay at least $100 for a 3 month membership, and you are always welcome to help out with more. To become a member, Click Here


This Week Inside Bonoboville: Penthouse Pet Layla Sin

26 May , 2015  

Just recently in Cannes (we love Cannes), where she was crowned Pet of the Year by Penthouse Managing Director Kelly Holland as part of this distinguished “men’s” magazine’s 50th anniversary gala, Layla is an international ambassador for sexual pleasure. That makes her a sort of Miss America of Erotica, but much more fun and down-to-earth than any plastic beauty pageant queen.

This is an excerpt from The Dr. Susan Block Show and Dr. Susan Block’s Speakeasy and if you want to Watch the Full 2-Hour Long Show) you can get there, or Click here to get the FREE audio on Bloggamy.

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7 Jan , 2015  

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6 Jan , 2015  



14 Jul , 2015  

Thanks to the folks at Dr. Susan Block TV we now have a Television station that is broadcasting directly from Bonoboville! Here you will find the newest episodes that took place in Bonoboville since 1997. Lots of great content and lots of great people throughout the years.