BedTime Stories for Adults – Passion Of The Plaza – Part 1

by mr.UNSCENE | Updated May 17, 2016  

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In Part 1 THE ELEVATOR listen in on two young ladies making wild lusty sex and share the arousing voyeuristic fantasy with THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW. PASSIONS OF THE PLAZA is a collection of three of Dr. Susan Blocks most exciting personal sexual fantasies. Listen alone or with your partner while you make love as Susans wondrously sensual voice takes you through The Plaza her favorite fantasy hotel. Listen in on two young ladies making wild lusty love in THE ELEVATOR… Share an arousing exposing exhibitionist/voyeur experience with THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW… Thrill to the romantic bondage reveries of THE HOSTAGE. PASSIONS is an auditory aphrodisiac that will stimulate your mind and relax your body. Warning If you choose listen to these incredibly erotic fantasies while driving you do so at your own risk

Written by mr.UNSCENE

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