Chelsea Manning Decision Gives Supporters Reason to Cheer | Sarah Lazare via Alternet

by Del Rey | Updated January 17, 2017  

Sarah Lazare via Alternet

“The Obama administration announced Tuesday afternoon that it will commute the majority of the remaining sentence of whistle-blower Chelsea Manning, and she will reportedly be freed in May 2017 along with the political prisoner Oscar López Rivera.

One of 209 commutations granted by President Barack Obama on Tuesday, the decision follows a mounting public pressure campaign from social movements around the world, in which Manning emerged as an outspoken defender of human rights while enduring solitary confinement and denial of health care in the hands of the U.S. military. For years, Manning’s backers have marched through the streets, appealed to the Obama administration and organized direct support for the jailed whistle blower while she endured torture.”




Sarah Lazare is a staff writer for AlterNet. A former staff writer for Common Dreams, she coedited the book About Face: Military Resisters Turn Against War.



Written by Del Rey

Del Rey is a writer-editor in residence at the Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences. A cyclist, swimmer and sapiosexual kinkster, this book hound has an ever expanding repertoire of sexual knowledge and experiences– from LBGTQA matters to intimacy and role play; from BDSM relationships to fetishes, and relationship counseling.

Favorite Literature includes: The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Bonobo Way, The Ten Commandments of Pleasure, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty , The Poetry of Rumi, Parable of The Sower and

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