Featured Bonobo: Mistress Jennifer

by Del Rey | Updated February 19, 2018  

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With nearly a decade of pro-domme experience, Mistress Jennifer is well versed in the art of spanking, cock & ball torture, as well as tease & denial role-play. Her specialties include enemas and electro-play, SHOCKING! For the tarts and tramps, she’s packs a strap on and knows how to wield a dildo to keep cross dressers, adult babies, foot fetishists in line. This bonboësque femdom is also a therapist with the Dr. Susan Block Institute, available for phone sessions (and by appointment). 

During August and September of 2017, she was Bonboville’s Texas Correspondent in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a natural disaster that left thousands of Texans displaced. Fortunately, she was not one of those bonobosapiens who was left without shelter or electricity. In an act of compassion, comparable to our great-ape cousins the bonbos, she sought out places and ways that she could help; when she arrived at the Lakewood Church, a building with a 16,285 capacity , she discovered a shocking act of religious abuse: 

I went to Lakewood Church to see if the Hurricane Harvey Victims needed anything and learned that they were asked to ALL LEAVE due to church tomorrow. This from the man who wouldn’t open his church until the bad press he was receiving. Shame on Joel Olsteen.

~Mistress Jennifer (Dr. Susan Block Institute Therapist, and Bonoboville Hurricane Correspondent)
Live via Happy Labia Day 2017: Sex, Medicine & Anal Art in the Womb Room.





Written by Del Rey

Del Rey is a writer-editor in residence at the Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences. A cyclist, swimmer and sapiosexual kinkster, this book hound has an ever expanding repertoire of sexual knowledge and experiences– from LBGTQA matters to intimacy and role play; from BDSM relationships to fetishes, and relationship counseling.

Favorite Literature includes: The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Bonobo Way, The Ten Commandments of Pleasure, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty , The Poetry of Rumi, Parable of The Sower and

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