Growth of Sex Tech Market Speeding Up and Will Surpass $123B By 2026

by AdrianaGW | Updated September 3, 2020  

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The sex tech industry was already booming, but the Coronavirus has brought forth a surge due to social and physical distancing. According to Lovense’s CEO Dan Liu, the lockdown has caused the sexual wellness market to accelerate by 13.4%. By 2026, the industry is predicted to be worth $122.96 billion. With our rapidly changing society, the sex tech industry needs to keep up since individuals will be seeking more innovative ways to enjoy sex without the physical touch of another human being. The Future of Sex reported this on their website in-depth:

Now would be the perfect time for VR research, as well as other innovations. We’re looking forward to the creations that will emerge in the next couple of years.


Written by AdrianaGW

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  1. Profile Photo VixenBlu says:

    I have been very interested in this area of things (Its like my geek and sexy world have a happy medium). I am interested in the builds of teledildonics, and definitely think that particular sector of sex tech is going to take off in this pandemic.

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