The Economic Downturn and Sex Work

by AdrianaGW | Updated June 4, 2022  

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It’s no secret that the economy is in a downward spiral. The price of gas is nearing the federal minimum wage, inflation rates are the highest they’ve been in almost 40 years, the cost of housing is exorbitant… There are so many factors behind the impending economic recession. But there is something that is nearly always an indicator of where the economy is headed. And what is that? Sex work.

With many consumers utilizing their funds mostly to survive, many do not have as much discretionary income to spend on items such as OnlyFans memberships, (and other subscription services) sessions, strip club visits, among other things. Usually generous spenders are becoming more concerned about their finances.

While many individuals have found financial liberation with sex work, many others will now have to work twice as hard in the face of declining earnings. Unfortunately, some workers may have to find other lines of work altogether.

How long do you think the recession will last?

To read more about how the economy is impacting sex work, you can ready the following articles:

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Written by AdrianaGW

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