by Nicky Jimenez | Updated January 7, 2015  

Need to Talk? Call Dr. Susan Block Institute

Welcome to Bonoboville your go to social media site. Before you go wandering down the happy trail, we just wanted to give you a short tour of our site features. Ready? Alright let’s begin.

First off, you have a profile page, this is where you’ll be able to post your content, check your messages, respond to invitations, and keep in contact with other Bonobos. Remember to play nice or we’ll can your ass.

Features that you can access from this page include the CLASSIFIEDS section, the FORUMS,  EVENTS PAGE, and the LOUNGE— additional features are available to paid members. The Revolution costs money.

Lastly, additional features will be added, and updated as needed. To report a bug, or if you have questions about the site, please contact us, at 310.568.0066 we’re here 24/7!  Surround yourself with good.

Written by Nicky Jimenez

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