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  • Right now I am reading “Sex at Dawn” this book has changed/is changing my life. Chris Ryan is the king of reason and his explanation of humanity and its connection to monogamy and non monogamy has changed my relationship and helped my partner and I grow closer and build trust… And if you haven’t listened to Chris Ryan’s podcast Tangentially Speaking you should find the episode where he interviews Susan Block its very good.

    • @BLKcurrant, I’ve only read excerpts but have had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Ryan’s podcast, Tangentially Speaking. And had an opportunity to speak with him the last time he was in Bonoboville.

  • I am not on here enough (or ever) but hopefully I will be more active. wish there was an app.

  • I am excited to become a part of this community!

    BLKcurrant posted an update 7 years ago

    • Welcome to Bonoboville!

    • First of all welcome to Bonoboville, we’re still working on odds and ends to make the site really great. We already have several fun features and will be adding more week by week. Among some of the features are our classifieds, you can post for free, you can watch the show for free in the studio area, you can create groups and on and on. You can also join us in Bonoboville any Saturday night if you live in Los Angeles or are visiting the area. Please help by contributing stories, ads, news, music, art etc. Help us grow, and hey we’d love to see your art. Take care.

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