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by JVP | Updated September 2, 2015  

Los Angeles, California, USA
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I've an insatiable curiosity and somehow this cat is still kicking around. So why not share the wealth of such knowledge with bonobos? What has taken a lifetime of discovery and experimentation to learn is available to you all, for free.

Time is the most precious thing there is, and so if I can save a little of that for any of the ethical hedonists here, there is that much more time for fun.

So, you can ask me anything.
My best responses will tend to be in the areas of:
Law, Science, Technology, Medicine/drugs, human dynamics, philosophy, religion, telecommunications and internet, money and currencies, history, love and sex.

I'm better than average at knowing when I don't know something, and am always happy to let you know that rather than waste both of our time.

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