Voice Lessons- Pop, Rock, Alternative, R&B–FREE Consultation (534 N Orange Dr)

by Harry Sapien | Updated November 19, 2016  

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Voice Lessons By NYC Pro–Learn Breath Control, Get Rid of Tension
Increase Range

Call Peter at 323-867-7973.

Check out the following link for more information.

Private voice lessons with PETER VALENTINO
Free Consultation, $50 per lesson (Private)

Work on performance and auditioning. The breath is the most important thing. The second most important thing is relaxation of the throat. Through these you can let the emotions fly.
I have taught voice in NYC for over 15 years, every style and especially pop/rock.

Work on confidence and stage presence.

Singing on stage can be a great joy when you learn to let go of worrying about the audience and instead focus on expression of emotions from lyrics. Pro voice teacher Peter Valentino has worked with singers for more than 15 years, helping singers feel free and relaxed onstage. He works with his students on breathing and other exercise techniques with the piano to strengthen the voice. He also works with students using a microphone which enables students to learn and let go into the song. Adults and children welcome.

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