~* Earn $5000-$10,000*~ Healthy Educated Females ONLY ( 21-30 years old)

by Alicia Valdez | Updated December 17, 2016  

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Donate the gift of life by donating eggs.

Many couples cannot conceive due to female infertility factor and you could be the key to help them unlock their dreams. Egg donors are compensated $5,000+ for their time and effort.

If you're interested in applying to see if you qualify and are a healthy, nonsmoking female between the ages of 21 and 30 please visit www.angeleggdonation.com Tell them ALICIA sent you in the "How did you hear about us" section!!
Some of the benefits of becoming an egg Donor:

– Earn Extra income while still going to school or working full time!
– Earning potential of $5,000-$10,000* per completed egg donation cycle!
– All-expense paid trips for yourself and a companion to exciting cities if asked to travel!
– Knowing you've helped someone realize their dreams of having a baby!

An Angel's Gift is now recruiting egg donors of all ethnicities, provided they meet the following criteria:
NON NEGOTIABLE: Between the ages of 21–30 Height/Weight proportionate (BMI between 18.5-27) — Click HERE to calculate your BMI Valid Driver's License or Identification and reliable transportation United States Citizen or ability to work in the US Non Smoker Drug Free Willing to take injectable medications Not currently on Depo Provera No personal history of infertility Regular monthly menstrual cycles No history of inheritable cancers NEGOTIABLE Other requirements where certain exceptions may be made: College graduate (two-year degree or more), currently enrolled in college, or completed a professional certification. Exceptions Experienced Donors Employed in an upper management position in their present place of employment Are pursuing a career in modeling or acting Are actively volunteering in their community in one or more community outreach programs Had a minimum high school GPA of 3.5 or higher Any other achievements, awards, or employment type that reflects maturity, responsibility, and hard work (To be determined by the Agency) Not on long term form of hormonal birth control such as an implant (Norplant, Implanon, or Nexplanon) or a Mirena IUD (Paragard IUD is OK as it is non hormonal). Exceptions Donor is willing to have it removed at her own expense and risk if chosen for a cycle No personal history of depression or mental illnesses. Exceptions A history of personal depression may be acceptable if circumstantial and not long term or current and not donor is not currently taking medications to treat depression No piercings or tattoos within the preceding 12 months of application Exceptions A signed letter can be obtained from the establishment that administered the tattoo or piercing stating that sterile procedures were used with new, unopened factory sealed equipment and that blood borne pathogen training is up to date No STDs (Hepatitis B/C or HIV/Aids is nonnegotiable) Exceptions STD was treated and successful treatment was over 12 months ago (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, or Syphillis) HPV or genital herpes is typically acceptable if Okayed by the treating physician who will work to ensure there is no outbreak at the time of retrieval.

We currently have over 400 unmatched sets of intended parents. If you are interested in helping any of these intended parents we welcome you to apply!

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