by Maximillian Lobkowicz | Updated February 5, 2020  

JOBSart / media / design
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA
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Each new year in Bonoboville brings change, people have completed their stay, saved lots of money if they have used their time here smartly and move on to other endeavors and take with them the Bonoboville experience.

So this coming new year I'm looking for someone who would like to design the next Speakeasy Journal, I've worked with many really good magazine designers over the past fifty years to create some iconic magazines and newspapers. From underground pulp mags to revolutionary local magazines to corporate just for money magazines (when needed). I'm a print junkie. So if you have a passion for the printed page, call me at 626.317.5224 or send me some samples of your work to

Next, I am also looking for an editor, not a video editor, a word editor, a real editor who knows the old fashioned proper English grammar and the modern-day internet speak to work with Dr. Suzy and staff. Let me repeat, you must know next to perfect grammar, you must be a master wordsmith. Send your resume, writing and any editing samples you've done for others to me at

Finally, I'm looking for a marketing person who can run our shopping areas and the distribution and sale of our books and magazines. This person can become a partner in that area of our endeavors. Call me at 626.317.5224 or let me know who you are and what you have been selling and promoting all your life. Send to

We are a hardworking social/political community, we take care of each other and have been doing so for the past fifty years. We provide a sturdy roof over your head, lots of delicious food, and the ability to save thousands and earn even more.

One last thing, we are on the left bank of politics and social structures, just saying! Want more info, call me, my name is Max, my number is 626.317.5224.

Our group produces internet TV and radio, publishes books and magazines all funded through our therapy work and donations from supporters. Please spread the word. Thanks.

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