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We are producing a social media show featuring the unusual stories and experiences of regular people. It's called RTS Life Hacks, and it's quirky and often over-the-top.

We pay $100 for 30mins-1hr of your time. We will be set up for rolling interviews throughout the day, so you will be in and out quickly.

We aren't currently shooting because of COVID, but as soon as restrictions lift we plan to book studio time, likely in Hollywood. IF INTERESTED, PLEASE DM ME WITH WHY YOU THINK YOU ARE A GOOD FIT FOR ONE OR MORE OF THE CASTING QUESTIONS LISTED. ALSO, INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND AVAILABLE TIMES FOR A SCREENING PHONE CALL. We will chat and if you sound like a fit, we will arrange a time after quarantine to shoot.

Here are some topics we want to focus on. If you feel you are a fit then reach out! If you have something else to share that you feel is in line with this, feel free to reach out for that as well.

Are you addicted to videogames?

Do you have problem with shoplifting?

Do you or someone you know have delusions of grandeur?

Have you ever blown large sums of money in one day?

Have you ever been horribly bullied?

Do you smoke weed all day everyday?

Do you struggle with online dating?

Are you a closet Trump supporter?

Have you been abducted by aliens?

Have you ever been a bully?

Have you ever been scammed? On the internet or otherwise?

Are you addicted to plastic surgery?

Do you regret your tattoos?

Do you regret your cosmetic surgery?

Are you in love with a celebrity?

Do you have an unusual sexual fetish?

Have you had a negative experience with a multilevel marketing company?

Have you had strange experiences on Grindr?

Are you trans and keep it a secret?

Are you an adult with a sexual attraction to a family member?

Do you listen to a strange genre of music?

Are you a fanatic for something bizarre?

Do you have a secret obsession?

Are you seeking a relationship with a sugar daddy?

Do you want to change your birth name?

Have you been in a threeway monogamous relationship?(throuple)

Are you or do you know a compulsive liar?

Are you a compulsive pickpocket?

Are you a compulsive shopper?

Do you hate your spouse in secret?

Are you a cross-dressing straight man?

Are you in love with your partner but can’t stop cheating?

Do you hate your fellow human beings?

Do you fall in love constantly?

Are you the ultimate romantic?

Have you been married more than 4 times?

Are you a woman who refuses to have children?

Do you have 6 or more children and why?

Is gambling putting your life or your family life at risk?

Have you ever abandoned a pet?

Are you secretly in love with your boss or one of your employees?

Are your neighbors driving you crazy?

Do you watch tv all day?

Do you hate showering, grooming or changing clothes?

What is the worst thing you did for love?

Are you a secret hoarder?

Are you a neat freak?

Is one of your family members a celebrity?

Do you have a social media addiction?

Do you or have you ever stalked someone online or in real life?

Do you have more than 5 profiles on dating sites?

Is your wife really a man?

Is there anything you’d like to confess publicly?

Do you have debilitating OCD?

Do you suffer from social anxiety?

Have you ever or do you currently have a gambling addiction?

I was a teen idol. Whatever happened to you since?

Do you have a past life that you have left behind?

Do you secretly have another family in the side?

Do you live in the shadow of your sibling?

Is there something from your childhood that still eats you up to this day?

Do you hate someone?

Are you lonely?

Do you find it hard to connect with people?

Have you ever urinated or deficated in your pants in public?

Do you eat non-food items?

Do you love morbidly obese women?

Do you currently lead or have you ever led a double life?

Are you only attracted to one very specific type of men/women?

Have you had a weird experience on Craigslist?

Have you met a strange person from the internet?

Do you have a dating horror story?

Have you ever been in an online-only relationship?

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