Hiring Agents to manage Instagram influencers, almost zero work (LA)

by | Updated June 5, 2020  

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I run an instagram influencer agency making money off managing these people. I manage 17 people however platforms where these influencers are monetized on are only allowed to have 2 influencer registered per person.

Essentially i just need a few extra people i can pay as agents to have these influencers i have hired “under you” but your an agent of my company.

I’ll pay you $150 each of these influencers so that’s $300 a month. you’ll do nothing besides let me setup these accounts in your name, then i’ll pay you that money per month and you don’t have to ever do a thing. as your an agent of my company , these platforms will forward to you the 1099 income form these influencers made on the platform come mid 2021 tax time, and this is when the time will come with slight additional work where you’ll have to work with your accountant (or we will let you use our accountant) to write an equivelent 1099s income receipt forwarded to our parent company so the government can correctly know our company is liable for taxes.

you will only be responsible for taxes on the $3600 you make per year with this of which we will pay you 300/month and collect your w9 for this too and 1099 for you on this.

NDA will be signed as our companies structure managing influencers is private.

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