Custody, Visitation, Or Support Hearing? $599* Appearance Lawyer (All Los Angeles County Courts)

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I handle cases throughout Los Angeles County for the same low fee, so no matter which courthouse your case is located at, I can help you.

Evening and weekend appointments are available.

Call or text me for a free consultation at (818) 812-0717.

Whether you are asking for custody of, or visitation with, your children, or defending against your spouse or ex asking for custody or visitation of your kids, or if child support is at issue, it is ALWAYS a good idea to have a lawyer on your side fighting hard to protect your interests. This is especially true if your spouse or ex has a lawyer, and you don't.

I will go to court with you and fight for your parental rights in front of the judge at your hearing, and will only charge you a one-time flat fee of $699* to do so. These hearings are too important for you to go in alone, especially if your ex has a lawyer on his or her side. Experienced Family Law lawyers do this every day, and they are very comfortable in front of a judge, and they know the law, so if you try to go in alone, and your spouse or ex has a lawyer, you are automatically at a huge disadvantage. Don't let this happen to you. What happens at this hearing could cost you large amounts of time with your children, and thousands of dollars in child support or spousal support payments you either don't get or which you are ordered to pay your spouse or ex, if you're the parent who has to PAY child or spousal support.

My limited scope representation, which means helping you at your one court hearing, will include reviewing your motion paperwork, and that of your ex, that you've both already filed in the case, doing any necessary research to be prepared to give the most persuasive argument in court to the judge, talking to you directly about the issues in your case so that I know all the important facts about your case, traveling to the courthouse where your case is heard, waiting for your case to be called, and then arguing your side of the case in front of the judge, and then traveling home again, all for just $599*.

I will not draft any paperwork for you myself under this Limited Scope agreement offer. You, and your wife/husband or ex, will have already prepared all the paperwork that the judge will consider in the motion. I will, however, appear with you and fight hard for what you want, and give you suggestions, based on my legal experience, for all arguments we can make in your case to persuade the judge to rule in your favor.

If you want me to help you prepare your own motion or your response to your spouse's/ex's motion papers, I can do that for an additional fee of $599. Preparing your motion or responding to your ex's motion will take considerably more time on my part. It's a good idea to have a lawyer prepare your written motion or written response to your spouse's/ex's motion because the judge will read those motion papers before your hearing, so it is wise to present your best-written argument to help convince the judge to rule in your favor at the hearing.

This representation does NOT include trials, which are generally more complicated and thus take more of my time than temporary motion hearings and restraining order hearings.

I will handle limited scope representation cases in any Family Law courthouse in Los Angeles County for the same low fee of $599*.

I have over twenty-five years of experience working as a Family Law attorney, practicing in both San Francisco and surrounding counties, and in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties in the Southland. I will give your case the attention and care that it deserves, without charging you the huge retainer fees that some lawyers will charge you.

Call or text me for a free half-hour phone consultation to see if I can help you with your upcoming hearing and help you save money, too, at (818) 812-0717, or email me at the email address shown above. You can also read more about me on my website, at,

*It is important for you to know that the $599 appearance fee covers a SINGLE COURT APPEARANCE for you, only. If more court appearances are necessary, as sometimes happens, you will have to pay an additional $599 for each additional court appearance. For regular divorce cases, my fees are different. This is a special offer for limited scope representations ONLY.

This limited-time offer expires 7/1/20 (Limited scope representations that are booked before this date will get the special rate, even though the court date falls after 7/1/20).

Mark Milstead
Attorney at Law
State Bar Number 172663
5632 Van Nuys Blvd., #1172
Sherman Oaks, CA 91401
(818) 812-0717

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