You’re Fired! Pack Your Shit and Leave!: A Humorous Donald Trump Picture Book for Adults.

by | Updated March 17, 2021  

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Take a break and enjoy this perspicaciously worded and illustrated picture book. A parody of Dr. Seuss's children's books and satire of the 45th President Donald Trump's time in office.
It's filled with subversive political humor and irreverent illustrations about the Republican attempts at the resurrection of America and Trumpism text.
You're Fired! Pack Your Shit and Leave! lovingly caricatures the Dr. Seuss children's book series and takes a biting satirical look at celebrity popular culture and the Federal Government

– Relive the puerile antics and ego of our 45th president.
– Readers are taken verse by verse through the incompetence of Trump.
– Revel in reading Trump's own words unedited or filtered.

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