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Los Angeles, California, USA
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my NAME is “DRAGONSTEELXXX”. My (Professional) billing is a “STRAIGHT” Adult Amateur xXx Male Performer/Actor;....Nude Male Model;....Erotic Dancer/Male-Stripper ~{*for"Ladies-Only" Bachlorette-Events);...&..Erotica Dance Costume Designer;....Erotica Writer/Artist;....and....Adult xXx Erotica Photographer/Videographer.

*D.0.B:{ Nov-11,1966 ]; SEX:“Very MALE”!; Orientation:“STRAIGHT”,! Hgt:“5'10; wght: 190/200-220(”?“);
Hair: "Chestnut,med’-Brown” ~{*Very long-Straight,Below shoulders/to Mid-Back];…. Eyes: “Blue-gray/Green-Hazel” ~{with Mutepple changes).

-- I live in the General LOS ANGELES, Ca. AREA… I am pursuing some small degree of endeavors in the *Amateur* catagory of 'Adult Work’,..I'm into fields of interests/studies,….. “ACTING”(xXx);..“Modeling”{i use to look somewhat o.k.} in various categories: *NUDE, Costume/Character, Fashion, Classical, etc’*;….“Dance”,('Male Exotic Stripper’,.'Jazz’,.'Modern’,.etc’];…“Exotic Dancer,Costume Designing/making”;…“Erotica Art/Illustration and Story writing”;….and....“adult {xxx} Videography & adult erotic photography”; ~ I am Mostly looking and in need of someone to help w/ being a Photog’ for me, and maybe?? possibly be a Model for *Someone to work with ~ whom’ is looking for one?…I really Need Pics’ more than anything,.. I’ve had nothing New to use or work with in a long while, and maybe Someone (*Photog’) could use me for stuff They might need too.??????? - so I Need someone (*in the “Local Los Angeles area) whom’ can take a Few NEW & UPDATED "PICs” of me, for some “Model” submission/cast stuff, but one of the problems Is - I need some “NUDEs”, basically four or five - Full body (*Front & Back)...and Side Profile(s) ~[L/R]; ~{ *also “I think”? I have to have my “UhEM” AWAKE/*erect & at ATtenTion ~ for Certain ones too ]...I May need to do a few *other poses too,…Character/Costume; Contemporary; Classical,{*GREEK / ROMAN) & *erotica types" too possibly?,.& IF possible I would like to try n’ get some “Outdoor/wooded” shots too?,... I already have a Digital Nikon Camera,.so PLEASE CONTACT me A.S.A.P, IF there is ANYONE?? ~ whom’ could help w/ This….my Email:[ -and- ];... ~ *Yahoo IM : [ dragonsteelxxx_2005 ];..also find & add me on 'SKYPE’-> Username:[ dragonsteelxxx ];…and my Cell'PHONE No':[ 1-(323)-877-9642 ];..

*NOTE: $25.oo per Hr ~ (or other suggested amount can be decided upon possibly?)
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