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  • NOTE: “the OTHER potential/Possible characters in these stories would obviously be *FEMALE(s)* of course”. ‘;-])

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  • OH, just a quick Reminder Update,… I was hopefully still considering ReWriting several of those Erotica x short stories, along with the individual Illustration Art {frame style} that concededly goes w/ Ea. story, and IF?/{when} done, I’ll try and POST them somehow here on BONOBOVILLE, (*probably in the Forums, I guess?) and probably on several of my othere SIT pgs’ like my *TUMBLR*, *my PORNHUB*; *my XHAMSTER*, ect’ — all story posts would be in TANDEM w/ site url links to all…..I still have to ReDraw all the original ARTWORK and PHOTO-SCAN them w/ my digital camera, and UpLoad them to my laptop for editing, prep’ing, then Downloading/Sharing.

    ALL STORIES are 0riginal [*FICTION*] writings/Art by *DRAGONSTEELXXX* and would feature other individuals
    under ALTERED names for privacy reasons. due to some *characters* may be loosely based on certain real life persons.

    *WARNING* ~>:{ all writings/Illustration art ~ are FICTIONAL stories/events, but would be xXx oriented in theme and nature, and ADULT ONLY materials, 18+ 0VER ];…….


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  • Hi “Dr.Block”, “Capt’ MAX”, “ABE”, “HARRY”, “Vixenblu”, “DON”, and all the bonobos family/freinds/fans,etc’ …so verrrry Sorry, I’ve NOT been back on the nEt much the past few weeks, been dealin’ w/ a lot’a mostly personal things here on th’ homefront basically,.. ain’t even been back in Bonobo or even instagram much lately Ither,… an’ b’Sides, I don’t have much a’ anything new to post/share currently. an’ sadly, I’ve missed several SAT’ night broadcasts’ as well, ~ couldn’t even chat in th’ LOUNGE on there, ‘:-( i was tentivly thinking about just calling by phone and Say HI sometime. OH, Also ~ *Dr.BLOCK*,..PLEASE Remind “the CAPT’ I still gotta’ drop his Bday card off in NOV’ as usual. I’m sorry I can’t do something different for you both on your Bday(s) then the usual CARD/$ thing…… I hope you both got to get somethin’ for Yourselves at least that you liked…. I’ll TRY n’ hopefully plan on maybe sending something special for you both in DEC’ for xXxMas……. 0.K. ?????? <3 luvs to all the BONOBOS family, friends, and fans, etc'..


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  • My Apologies to all, I’ve been off th’ ~*nEt*~ to past week or so, about a wk & 1/2 ago, Weds june 22nd up until the past Sun,.. I got a low level *Pneumonia* infection again w/ my ‘Bronchitis’ an’ my “COPD” {Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),… Ironically, I was born w/ “Bronchitis’, and have suffered from Pneumonia since I was 6 months old up until even now in Present day,. the UPSIDE is “NO ONE ELSE”can catch it from me,.. the DoWnSiDe is “Only I suffer from it, cause its in my DNA/Genetics an’ My DOC’ said I’m just Stuck w/ it…..
    Glad I Don’t Like smoking or stuff like that…That’de be really stupid too ~ w/ Messed up Lungs I Was Born w/….
    WHY??? would AnYOnE wanna’ smoke ~~ if They were born w/ & have Healthy lungs and can choose,..
    — *I Never got to choose to have compremised lungs as a baby, or now Ither…..

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    • Im glad to hear you are doing maybe somewhat better. I am also glad you werent saying you had COVID. I cannot imagine.


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  • a REMINDER to all th’ BoNoBoS here,.. “DR.SUSAN BLOCK” ‘s B-Day is CuMmInG up in about a week, on JUNE 10th. 2022. Remember to send her a HAPPY B-DAY WISHES, hugs, kisses and playful sPankEes,…

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  • ❤️😃😉🙂 “the CAPT’ & his Lady Faire ~ the Dr. (*Susan),……..this is one fantastically Beautiful And sentimentally romantic Pic’ {No’ 3). 🙂😉😊

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