• DRAGONSTEELXXX posted an update 1 year ago

    I am tentatively hoping to start adding a few of those erotica short story & art panels compilations, (*as long as everyone will be ok with them). I’de promised a long while back to star transposing some of my stories w/ accompanying art panels but still haven’t gotten an opportunity yet, I’m also uncertain IF? i ought to add them just on here in bonobos home page section or possibly in the forums area. ~~ *?????;….. it’ll be a combination of short erotica stories / story-panel layout[s], and misc’ individual erotica art-work. when I get the hand drawn Art pieces done I’ll use my digital camera and photog’ them like doing animation plaiting photo matte’. then Upload them through my laptop along w/ copies of some of the stories, then Download onto “Bonoboville”. “Tumblr”, “Xhamster” & possibly “Pornhub”,……


    so Thanks All. for your patience and understanding.

    sin’cerly,… “DRAGONSTEELXXX”

    DRAGONSTEELXXX posted an update 1 year ago