• DRAGONSTEELXXX posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi “Dr.Block”, “Capt’ MAX”, “ABE”, “HARRY”, “Vixenblu”, “DON”, and all the bonobos family/freinds/fans,etc’ …so verrrry Sorry, I’ve NOT been back on the nEt much the past few weeks, been dealin’ w/ a lot’a mostly personal things here on th’ homefront basically,.. ain’t even been back in Bonobo or even instagram much lately Ither,… an’ b’Sides, I don’t have much a’ anything new to post/share currently. an’ sadly, I’ve missed several SAT’ night broadcasts’ as well, ~ couldn’t even chat in th’ LOUNGE on there, ‘:-( i was tentivly thinking about just calling by phone and Say HI sometime. OH, Also ~ *Dr.BLOCK*,..PLEASE Remind “the CAPT’ I still gotta’ drop his Bday card off in NOV’ as usual. I’m sorry I can’t do something different for you both on your Bday(s) then the usual CARD/$ thing…… I hope you both got to get somethin’ for Yourselves at least that you liked…. I’ll TRY n’ hopefully plan on maybe sending something special for you both in DEC’ for xXxMas……. 0.K. ?????? <3 luvs to all the BONOBOS family, friends, and fans, etc'..

    DRAGONSTEELXXX posted an update 5 months, 2 weeks ago