Bonoboville City Limits

Welcome to Bonoboville. Since you’re all grown up, you really shouldn’t need to be reading this page. You should know how to play well with others, and frankly we’re not taking you on to raise, so here are some common sense items to follow– at the heart of which is The Bonobo Way. First off, don’t hurt anyone. Be a good bonobo or you’ll be quietly and gently removed. We’ll shitcan your ass.

Have fun

There’s lots to do and talk about here. Find people, groups, conversations, and events that interest you and that you want to contribute to. In short, participate– at least a little. We aren’t interested in clogging up the membership roster with ghosts who aren’t really here.

Play well with others

It’s okay to have respectful disagreement and debate, but threats and nonconsensual abuse like bullying, trolling, racial slurs, and being an unbearable asshole will not be tolerated and will get you tossed. If that’s who you are, Bonoboville isn’t for you. For example, “I vehemently disagree with you about blah blah blah, because blah blah blah” is fine. But telling someone “You’re a stupid sack of monkey spunk and I’m going to plant my Reeboks in your ass!” is not cool.

Don’t be a judgmental asshole

There are a lot of people here who may enjoy consensual fetishes, kinks, fantasies, and activities that may seem strange to you. Have an open mind and don’t condemn or harass those who are different.

No minors allowed

No one under 18 can join or be part of any photo, video, etc. No child porn. None. You can get yourself into major problems with the FBI and other folks who are looking for you.

Own your posts

Don’t upload copyrighted images and videos to which you don’t have the right. Be responsible. Keep in mind that Bonoboville is for entertainment, informational, and educational purposes. Member posts and content is not authoritatively verified by us for accuracy. Do not regard what members post on Bonoboville as professionally administered advice. If you have need of actual therapy, please contact The Dr. Susan Block Institute at 213.291.9497.

Respect discretion

The individuals here have different levels of comfort. Some need anonymity and discretion. Some let their flags fly with their real names. Respect that. And remember that Bonoboville isn’t just virtual. It’s a real place full of real people who often meet and get to know each other, but may have very compartmentalized lives apart from Bonoboville. This is a safe place. If someone wants to be outed, let them do it for themselves. Respect and be respected.


No spam. No kidding.

Reporting violations

If you see content that violates the village community guidelines, please bring it to our attention by emailing the BPD (Bonoboville Peace-Police Department) so we can take the appropriate action of fining them, throwing their asses into Bonobo Jail, or banning their wretched existence from Bonobovillle. However, keep in mind that no one likes a whiny tattletale. If you’re running about getting your feelings hurt over nothing and reporting people for non-violations, the BPD will fine you for being a big baby

Profanity, nudity, and sexually explicit content

Sure turn us on. Fuck yeah. But please keep these in your private albums, because as we grow up and out beta, your photos & art will become part of the financial benefits of hanging out in Bonoboville

Suggestion box

All suggestions, questions, concerns, and requests are welcome. Please contact us at You may also reach us 24/7 at 310.568.0066. We’re always here to help you.