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    Submitted from JVP in our Studio Chat. “l a b i a is censored :/”

    He found out that the word labia is censored in the chat area. So I went on to find this ‘magical forbidden list’ of words we aren’t supposed to use in the there, and decided to publish the whole list. Enjoy!

    *Some notable ones from the list “twathead”, “cyberfuckers”, “arse”? I know words can hurt feelings, but some of these are just hilarious!

    450 words you aren’t supposed to use on the internet:
    4r5e, 5h1t, 5hit, a55, anal, anus, ar5e, arrse, arse, ass, ass-fucker, asses, assfucker, assfukka, asshole, assholes, asswhole, a_s_s, b!tch, b00bs, b17ch, b1tch, ballbag, balls, ballsack, bastard, beastial, beastiality, bellend, bestial, bestiality, bi+ch, biatch, bitch, bitcher, bitchers, bitches, bitchin, bitching, bloody, blow job, blowjob, blowjobs, boiolas, bollock, bollok, boner, boob, boobs, booobs, boooobs, booooobs, booooooobs, breasts, buceta, bugger, bum, bunny fucker, butt, butthole, buttmuch, buttplug, c0ck, c0cksucker, carpet muncher, cawk, chink, cipa, cl1t, clit, clitoris, clits, cnut, cock, cock-sucker, cockface, cockhead, cockmunch, cockmuncher, cocks, cocksuck , cocksucked , cocksucker, cocksucking, cocksucks , cocksuka, cocksukka, cok, cokmuncher, coksucka, coon, cox, crap, cum, cummer, cumming, cums, cumshot, cunilingus, cunillingus, cunnilingus, cunt, cuntlick , cuntlicker , cuntlicking , cunts, cyalis, cyberfuc, cyberfuck , cyberfucked , cyberfucker, cyberfuckers, cyberfucking , d1ck, damn, dick, dickhead, dildo, dildos, dink, dinks, dirsa, dlck, dog-fucker, doggin, dogging, donkeyribber, doosh, duche, dyke, ejaculate, ejaculated, ejaculates , ejaculating , ejaculatings, ejaculation, ejakulate, f u c k, f u c k e r, f4nny, fag, fagging, faggitt, faggot, faggs, fagot, fagots, fags, fanny, fannyflaps, fannyfucker, fanyy, fatass, fcuk, fcuker, fcuking, feck, fecker, felching, fellate, fellatio, fingerfuck , fingerfucked , fingerfucker , fingerfuckers, fingerfucking , fingerfucks , fistfuck, fistfucked , fistfucker , fistfuckers , fistfucking , fistfuckings , fistfucks , flange, fook, fooker, fuck, fucka, fucked, fucker, fuckers, fuckhead, fuckheads, fuckin, fucking, fuckings, fuckingshitmotherfucker, fuckme , fucks, fuckwhit, fuckwit, fudge packer, fudgepacker, fuk, fuker, fukker, fukkin, fuks, fukwhit, fukwit, fux, fux0r, f_u_c_k, gangbang, gangbanged , gangbangs , gaylord, gaysex, goatse, God, god-dam, god-damned, goddamn, goddamned, hardcoresex , hell, heshe, hoar, hoare, hoer, homo, hore, horniest, horny, hotsex, jack-off , jackoff, jap, jerk-off , jism, jiz , jizm , jizz, kawk, knob, knobead, knobed, knobend, knobhead, knobjocky, knobjokey, kock, kondum, kondums, kum, kummer, kumming, kums, kunilingus, l3i+ch, l3itch, labia, lmfao, lust, lusting, m0f0, m0fo, m45terbate, ma5terb8, ma5terbate, masochist, master-bate, masterb8, masterbat*, masterbat3, masterbate, masterbation, masterbations, masturbate, mo-fo, mof0, mofo, mothafuck, mothafucka, mothafuckas, mothafuckaz, mothafucked , mothafucker, mothafuckers, mothafuckin, mothafucking , mothafuckings, mothafucks, mother fucker, motherfuck, motherfucked, motherfucker, motherfuckers, motherfuckin, motherfucking, motherfuckings, motherfuckka, motherfucks, muff, mutha, muthafecker, muthafuckker, muther, mutherfucker, nob, nob jokey, nobhead, nobjocky, nobjokey, numbnuts, nutsack, orgasim , orgasims , orgasm, orgasms , p0rn, pawn, pecker, penis, penisfucker, phonesex, phuck, phuk, phuked, phuking, phukked, phukking, phuks, phuq, pigfucker, pimpis, piss, pissed, pisser, pissers, pisses , pissflaps, pissin , pissing, pissoff , poop, porn, porno, pornography, pornos, prick, pricks , pron, pube, pusse, pussi, pussies, pussy, pussys , rectum, retard, rimjaw, rimming, s hit, s.o.b., sadist, schlong, screwing, scroat, scrote, scrotum, semen, sex, sh!+, sh!t, sh1t, shag, shagger, shaggin, shagging, shemale, shi+, shit, shitdick, shite, shited, shitey, shitfuck, shitfull, shithead, shiting, shitings, shits, shitted, shitter, shitters , shitting, shittings, shitty , skank, slut, sluts, smegma, smut, snatch, son-of-a-bitch, spac, spunk, s_h_i_t, t1tt1e5, t1tties, teets, teez, testical, testicle, tit, titfuck, tits, titt, tittie5, tittiefucker, titties, tittyfuck, tittywank, titwank, tosser, turd, tw4t, twat, twathead, twatty, twunt, twunter, v14gra, v1gra, vagina, viagra, vulva, w00se, wang, wank, wanker, wanky, whoar, whore, willies, willy, xrated, xxx

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    Thanks for looking into this list.
    It is “fukkin” hilarious and so arbitrary.

    The censoring was not complete since the name of the show had the word labia in it which displayed normally.



    The bonoboville studio is censoring words? I don’t get it.

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    Dr. Susan Block

    Of course, Bonoboville is not censoring our words Chelsea. I’m guessing this is Buddy Press playing Nanny State…? Thanks for bringing it to our attention, JVP. It is funny, but pretty annoying for us Free Speechers.

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    Del Rey

    Great info!

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