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    *(I just wanted to drop by to Say ‘HELLO’),..
    now I Know – I’m not any bit of an Important Person
    ~ I’m Not Rich,..Not Young,..NOT attractive,..
    not connected to People,…

    huuuuu’,…so, where to begin?………

    well,…a few of you MIGHT? remember me ~??~
    though most won’t or probably wouldn’t want to,..

    My name is “DRAGONSTEELXXX”
    – I am a “STRAIGHT” (‘ex’)Adult Amateur (xXx) Male Performer/Actor;
    Nude-Model; Dancer/Male Stripper ~{*for”Ladies-Only” Bachlorette-Events).
    & Erotica Dance Costume Designer; Erotica Writer/Artist;..
    and Adult {xXx} Erotica Photographer/Videographer.

    *D.0.B:{ Nov-11,1966 ];
    SEX:”Very MALE”!;
    wght: 190/200-220(“?”);
    Hair: “Chestnut,med’-Brown” ~{*Very long-Straight,Below shoulders/to Mid-Back];….
    Eyes: “Blue-gray/Green-Hazel” ~{with Mutepple changes).

    I live in the General LOS ANGELES, Ca. AREA…
    I ~Was~ pursuing some small degree of endeavors
    in the *Amateur* catagory of ‘Adult Work’,..
    — I (use) to be into a Lot of fields of interests/studies,…..
    “ACTING”(xXx);..”Modeling”{i use to look somewhat o.k.}
    in various categories:*NUDE, Costume/Character, Fashion, Classical, etc’*;….
    “Dance”,(‘Male Exotic Stripper’,.’Jazz’,.’Modern’,.etc’];…
    “Exotic Dancer,Costume Designing/making”;…
    “Erotica Art/Illustration and Story writing”;…..
    “adult {xxx} Videography & adult erotic photography”;….
    …as well as other personal things,..
    “music”{singing/guitar];…”various other Production related areas”;………

    I Was even tentevly thinkin’ about Re’Working some of my old ‘Dancer Routines’ (????) maybe,..
    ~~ even got a few of my old dance costume pieces still….

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