• To: Dr. Susan Block Institute. Your fans, appreciators, followers, and supporters are all behind you.

  • Go FDR Radio! Fuck Facebook and Instagram for censoring you and terminating your accounts. To hell with those big-dog corporate bullies. 1St Amendment Rights

    • fuck em and fuck the fact that social complacency leads Zuck (and Musk for that matter) into being “too big to fail”.

      So many things I have missed out on bc I won’t play thier reindeer games…and yet everytime one of us falls victim to thier bullshit (losing our accts and connections,no matter how much people try and conform), the collective “we” continues to use this platform leaving those people to be to scrabble back to FB under a new acct, thinking we can do better the next time. That only perpetuates things to stay this way.

      Look up enshittification (coined by Cory Docotorow) bc it encompasses so much of the overall problem and people’s (generally) adverse reaction to leaving our comfort zone

      We need something different. There are alternatives but we need to perpetuate its use. Bonobo Way could be such a thing if the sexjal health and wellness community, sex workers, love magnets, and other sexual beings want it

  • What time is the show this weekend?

  • Happy 4th of July!

  • Bonoboville roll call:
    Where are you watching the Dr. Susan Block show from?
    Los Angeles, New York, international waters?
    We’d like to know.

  • Feel the Bonobo vibe with this track from DrSuzy.Tv Speakeasy star Jessica Shores aka J-Sho. The song is a favorite of Capt’n Max. Hope you enjoy it too. 😀

  • Helllo hellooo bonobos, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making this the largest group in Bonoboville, and with your help, I’d like to continue making it the most active as well. That said, take a peek at the new feature, our own event lisiting:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of you in the flesh, and if you have any stories, photos, or are interested in becoming a featured guest on the show, please take a minute or two to post your thoughts.

  • Hey there Bonobos, join us for a hypnotic evening with Jacqui Holland, actress/comedienne/hypnotist.
    RSVP: 310.568.0066 | Or watch live in the Bonoboville Lounge.
    Have a guest for the guest? Use the lounge’s chatbox.
    See you tonight. 😀

  • Great news from the Dr. Susan Block Institute!
    @DrSuzy will be @UCBerkeley Saturday Feb. 13th. #Deets: http://drsusanblock.com/bonobo-ucberkeley-nonmonogamy
    See you there 😀

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