• Harry Sapien posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago


    There exists a place, beyond passion, beyond desire… A state of being that transcends the realms of mere mortal love-making.

    It is there where I take my women. MY WOMEN for once there they are mine, forever.

    It is a place that will house a thousand day dreams as they stare off into the distance… thinking of me.

    It is the place of their undoing, of their utter destruction.

    And every woman longs for that sweet oblivion, like this angel before me, and I oblige. For I am insatiable, my need is infinite. Kisses, caresses, strong hard thrusts deep into her sex… are not enough. Worse, it makes me want more. I become a beast, lust incarnate. I ravage, I rage, her every orgasm drives me further away from my humanity until I become…


    Her body is my fuel, her scent is my air, and I must have her– all of her. I cannot be stopped until there is nothing left. I grab her by the hips and take her into my mouth, defying gravity, consuming her.

    And I feel it deep within her, building and gathering like a hurricane on the horizon… The last orgasm, the one that even she didn’t know was there– like a star collapsing in on itself. First the contractions, her body twitches electric, short staccato breaths tear at the air…

    And then the super nova.

    All that she is explodes in ecstasy and convulsions, on and on until… there is nothing of her left.

    Sweet Oblivion…

    Harry Sapien posted an update 5 years, 5 months ago