How to sign up with an AOL Email Address

by Nicky Jimenez | Updated July 15, 2016  


  • Bonoboville fails to send AOL my activation email
  • When I try sign up again with the same AOL email, Bonoboville says that the username / email already exists.
  • I can’t reset my password for Bonoboville using my AOL email address.
  • I can’t reset the signup process for Bonoboville to re-use my AOL email.



When I try to sign up for Bonoboville, I insert my username and I insert my AOL email address, and it says that it sent an activation email to my account, but when I go to my AOL email account, I don’t see any email from Bonoboville. Even searching for ‘Bonoboville’ in my AOL dashboard brings up no results.



Use the AOL sign in button to skip the activation email phase and instantly log in to Bonoboville.



Written by Nicky Jimenez

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