Status Update

by Nicky Jimenez | Updated February 1, 2015  

Effective Immediately!

Starting January 1st 2016 — We will are happy to announce that Bonoboville Status Update now accepts these HTML combinations — <a> <b> <code> <i> <img> <span>

*you can decide to have some, none, or only one of the extra attributes as seen below:


Status Update 2.0

  • <a class=”” id=”” rel=”” title=””>Link Text</a>
    • class
    • id
    • rel
    • title
  • <b>Bold Text</b>
  • <i>Fast Text</i>
  • <img src=”” alt=”” width=”” height=”” class=”” id=”” title=””>
    •  src
    •  alt
    • width
    • height
    • class
    • id
    • title
  • <span class=””>subtitle text</span>
    • class


Written by Nicky Jimenez

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