• A little bit of love for the high school mascot:

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  • In life, I try and not get into trying to take charge on things (or control things) if it’s not my place to control. Today represents such a mindfuck that I try and avoid when possible

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  • Every police raid:
    Corruption at it’s Finest

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    • I saw this @)Rt of songs late last year. I love how the cops are trying to play victim. He is a musician and he makes light of situations and experiences. What did these cops think was gonna happen.

      I’m just sorry that Afroman’s child had to be traumatized

  • Awooo!

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  • Horny, looking to hook up near Escondido

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  • One of my favorite ethical hackers made a video about fixing a one time use vibrating cock ring sex toy from Trojan. Louis Rossmann usually fixes Macbooks, but today he will be figuring out replace the battery on this bad boy. Enjoy!

    mr.UNSCENE posted an update 1 month ago

    • This is so useful. I avoid one time use products like this because it’s it creates waste (not eco friendly). Nice to know there is a fix if you are willing to use your time to do it.

  • A storm is a comin… Battening Down the hatches

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  • VICE TV’s version is nothing compared to the real show https://drsusanblock.tv/show/episodes/bonoboville-reunion/

  • Everytime someone takes advantage of my nice or helpful nature, another wall goes up. I detach from emotion since obviously the experience just burns me out.

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    • I feel you on that VinexBlu, keep your heart open but your walls intact. I, myself have a moat, guard dog, draw bridge, etc. It all ciphers out the very bad

    • @persiarae That’s pretty much where at. I was already really selective on who to let in l, but now that moat is wider a.d the draw bridge is extra spiky

  • Apes wanna be apes and don’t understand what it means to Fuck Around and Find Out.

    I want to be a bonobo. I don’t want to fight. I don’t have to acknowledge anything that comes from a place of selfishness and malice. You aren’t apologizing. You are confessing and yet dont want to learn or grow

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