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  • Who knew that the secret to time travel would be found in the US Congress (House and Senate, too!). Between R/W being repealed and the USA’s commitment to Not Doing Shit…. we are flying backwards at this point. Im going to have to be a pin cushion for at least a year til I can even think about this. I am the end result of a mother’s poor judgement, as well as falling through the cracks of The System.

    Im going to *have to* grin and bear the umpteenth attempt at getting immunized, and all the medical and insurance bs that will go along with it

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  • I have to accept that not everyone is going to empathize with me. As obvious as things should be to me, I dont think al men (and those with the capacity/formerly with the capacity to get others pregnant) will always connect the dots to why their uterus-having lover/spouse might not be up for having sex right now. I might have to let this dude be mad at me or paint me as ”punishing them”. I guess this is where I have to own the word ”BITCH”

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  • It has been hard to express just how I have felt from the Supreme Court ruling. I havent even been responsive to my private messages, missives and text messages from my closest friends and lovers. 2 of my lovers and my boyfriend are men…. and I just dont have it in me to get into how much this violence on women/lgbt/POC has affected me (both ssensually and sexually)

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  • My Apologies to all, I’ve been off th’ ~*nEt*~ to past week or so, about a wk & 1/2 ago, Weds june 22nd up until the past Sun,.. I got a low level *Pneumonia* infection again w/ my ’Bronchitis’ an’ my ”COPD” {Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),… Ironically, I was born w/ ”Bronchitis’, and have suffered from Pneumonia since I was 6 months old up until even now in Present day,. the UPSIDE is ”NO ONE ELSE”can catch it from me,.. the DoWnSiDe is ”Only I suffer from it, cause its in my DNA/Genetics an’ My DOC’ said I’m just Stuck w/ it…..
    Glad I Don’t Like smoking or stuff like that…That’de be really stupid too ~ w/ Messed up Lungs I Was Born w/….
    WHY??? would AnYOnE wanna’ smoke ~~ if They were born w/ & have Healthy lungs and can choose,..
    — *I Never got to choose to have compremised lungs as a baby, or now Ither…..

    • Im glad to hear you are doing maybe somewhat better. I am also glad you werent saying you had COVID. I cannot imagine.

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