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  • With Coronavirus cases skyrocketing during the winter season, it's become apparent that social-distancing, or more specifically, physical-distancing isn't going away anytime soon. Since most gatherings are prohibited, and most of us are confined to our homes, how are we supposed to remain sex-positive during a time where sex has become akin to a forbidden act? Whether you're in a relationship or single, there are ways you can remain sexually active and sex-positive without risking your health. In fact, without the pressure to engage in physical intimacy, this forces us to get a bit more creative in our approaches to sexuality. 

    Here are some ways you can enjoy sex during a time of social (or physical) distancing:

    • Practice self-love with new toys and positions.
    • Enjoy a live erotic reading or give one! Need ideas, Hysterical Literature is a great place to start.
    • Watch an erotic film with a group, or with a special partner. 
    • Participate in erotic hypnotism, whether it be on your own or with a partner. 
    • Do an at-home boudoir shoot, or your own or with a partner. 
    • Participate in a live nude drawing session.”Draw me like one of your French girls!”
    • Mutual masturbation.
    • Send romantic/sexy snail mail. Even better if you send gifts.
    • Take a kinky class and educate yourself about something new. 
    • Buy some new naughty lingerie for yourself...or for your partner.
    • Shoot a sex video at home.
    • Try your hand at writing erotica. If you want to, share it online or with loved ones.
    • Virtual strip poker (or any other game of your choice).
    • Enjoy some old-fashioned phone sex (without video chat). You can enjoy it with a partner or with a service like the Dr. Susan Block Institute.
    • Or you can do a video chat. Keep things interesting by dressing up and treating it like a special occasion. 
    • Enjoy a “Secret Satan!” gift exchange with friends. A heathen's version of Secret Santa, exchange anything kinky, sexy, frivolous, etc. Mail your gifts to each other and have a Zoom meetup to share.
    • Get elaborate with sexting.
    • Support a sex worker on OnlyFans or any other subscription site!
    • Get in touch with your inner exhibitionist and share adult content online.
    • Attend a sexy dance party (virtually).
    • Send some artsy nudes to a special someone. 
    • Join a fetish website like FetLife.
    • Attend a virtual orgy.
    • Create a sexual trivia game and enjoy with loved ones and friends.
    • If you have a partner, schedule a responsible date night at home or outdoors to spice things up.
    • REALLY get into role play with your partner(s). Live your fantasy!
    • Do a naughty peep show in the window while your partner is outside watching.
    • Get into sploshing- playing with your food in a sexual way.
    • Or if you're not into playing with your food, cooking together is always hot, especially if you include champagne and other aphrodisiacs in the mix.
    • Try something athletic like naked yoga (at home).

    Have any other suggestions? Feel free to comment!

  • Great free event going on on the 27th of November!

    The Sx Tech Lockdown Talks is a virtual teaser event of Sx Tech Conference – an annual event dedicated to the intersections between sex and technology.

    Join us for a day of captivating content from sex tech industry leaders like Satisfyer, LELO, IOBA TOYS, Skirt Club, Lustery, Leda Health, immersive remote experiences with AI robots like Harmony AI and Kokeshi.ai and many more.

    Three virtual rooms, six panels, Q&A sessions with the speakers, games, workshops and a massive giveaway of sexual wellness products!

  • Found on a vibrator company Twitter page.

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