How to sign up with an AOL Email Address

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by Dr. Suzy's Adm | Updated July 15, 2016  

Solution Use the AOL sign in button to skip the activation email phase and instantly log in to Bonoboville.   Description When I try to sign up for Bonoboville, I insert my username and I insert my AOL email address, and it says that it sent an activation email to my account, but when I go to my AOL email account, I don’t see any email from Bonoboville. Even searching for ‘Bonoboville’ in my AOL dashboard brings up no results.   Symptoms
  • Bonoboville fails to send AOL my activation email
  • When I try sign up again with the same AOL email, Bonoboville says that the username / email already exists.
  • I can’t reset my password for Bonoboville using my AOL email address.
  • I can’t reset the signup process for Bonoboville to re-use my AOL email.
Written by Dr. Suzy’s Adm

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