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  • G E N D E R – N O R M S
    I N V E N T O R Y

    ”Using this process, we identified 12 masculine norms for the CMNI. These were labeled Winning, Emotional Control, Risk-Taking, Violence, Dominance, Playboy, Self-Reliance, Primacy of Work, Power Over Women, Disdain for Homosexuals, Physical Toughness, and Pursuit of Status.”


    ”Through discussion of the 13 categories, and through attempts to write items for each of the norms, the categories were further refined into 12 feminine norms that were incorporated into the survey: Relational, Sweet and Nice, Thinness, Put Others First, Look Young, Sexy, Modesty, Domestic, Caring for Children, Romantic Relationship, Sexual Fidelity, and Invest in Appearance.”


  • Thanks to sex workers, that Republican money is going to causes like Planned Parenthood and the Standing Rock protest. Many are also advertising special fundraising shifts at strip clubs and organizing through private Facebook groups and other online forums where sex workers share vital information about clients and police stings as well as posting photos of gently-used platform heels for sale.

    Some were organizing against Trump before the election: The group Tramps Against Trump offered to swap nude photos with anyone who pledged not to vote for the Republican candidate. That group wasn’t just comprised of sex workers, but the Tramps Against Trump members who did happen to be sex workers, like Allyee Whaley, were essentially offering to give their wares away for free.

    Why would any woman doing such demanding work just give their money away? For Whaley and others like her, making a lot of money in a short amount of time – and never having to work a 40-hour week – is a privilege she’s highly aware of.
    “One of the coolest things about being a sex worker is that I have more time than everyone else to focus on radical activism,” says Whaley, who models for a subscription-based porn site. “I can take an arrest – that’s not going to impede my employability. I have money to fund my activism, and I have the flexibility to go where I’m needed.”

  • Researchers then identified 11 norms considered to be “traditionally masculine” — desire to win, need for emotional control, risk-taking, violence, dominance, sexual promiscuity or playboy behavior, self-reliance, primacy of work, power over women, disdain for homosexuality and pursuit of status — and looked to see whether they were associated with particular mental health outcomes.

    In general, the men who stuck more strongly to these norms were more likely to experience problems such as depression, stress, body image issues, substance abuse and negative social functioning. They were also less likely to turn to counseling to help deal with those problems. The effect was particularly strong for men who emphasized playboy behavior, power over women and self-reliance.

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