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Surround Yourself with Good

As a social butterfly

Have the gift of gab? Use those powers for something GOOD and your crowd of people into Bonoboville. Each invitation you send out increases the chances of people signing up, and possibly making a purchase. We are using this model because we believe friends should make a percentage off of their friends purchases.

As a group leader

Create groups for your business that feature individuals for each of their talents, and promote them to other interested visitors. Manage message boards and answer questions in the forums.


As an individual content creator

Use the different areas of Bonoboville to showcase your work, whether you are publishing a photo, or writing a literature piece, other Bonobos will be able to tip you

As a photographer

If you signup as a photographer, you unlock the features that allow you to sell galleries of photos. Share your experiences with your audience, and have them ‘tip’ you to join in. A little can go a long way.

As a performer

Are you an artist? With Bonoboville you can limit your content between free and pay-per-view. That way you can be sure to earn a little something for your hard work.