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  • This is why I love Stephen Colbert: And its not just the uncomfortable questions he asks political guests like here as he pressed Ted Cruz on Reagan and same-gender unions…but as people started to boo Cruz, Colbert held out a hand and told the audience that no matter how you feel about Cruz’ politics, he was Stephen’s GUEST. The crowd quieted down.

    Colbert has brought back something sorely needed in both political discussions and television in general: civility.

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  • In honor of Masturbation May, here is something that Blockfilms can work on…its an actual game show from the Land of the Rising Sun (among other things called MASTURBATION KARAOKE!) It’s exactly what it said: Contestant tries to sing whilst hot woman give him the Rub-Up. Hilarity ensues.

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  • So let me see. You let out the air in a football, you’re suspended for 4 games. You take your fist and knock a woman to kingdom come, and you lose 2. This is America. That’s about right….

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  • The time has come for ALL BONOBOS to take the NEXT STEP…..

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  • “The crowd wanted to see a girl squirt. The venue was arranged like an indoor amphitheater with bright lights shining down on the wrestling mat. There, in the center, two girls were on their knees, squaring up and watching one another. Restless and loud, some people in the crowd started stomping their feet and slapping their thighs. Some hooted, their hands cupped over their mouths. Others whistled. It’s just their little way of teasing the “wrestlers”. On the opposite end of the stage, I sat hunched over like the other twenty or so girls, each of us in our own tight little cages lined up against the wall.

    The wrestlers drew closer to each other. One of them, a redhead with massive tits, had tattoos up her arms and on her belly. The other girl, a skinny brunette with her hair cut short, only had a rose tattooed on the back of her left shoulder. In the X Battle world, you’re given a tattoo of your opponent’s insignia if they make you squirt in the arena. The moment they brought Red out onto the mat, I knew whoever went against her was probably fucked. It’s the ones who’ve been dominated the most who do most of the dominating.

    For the rest….click the link….

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