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The Bonobo Way 12 Steps | Step 2: See the Bonobos.

Greetings Bonoboville, As I continue my commitment to #GoBonobos in 2017, I’m revisiting The Bonobo Way 12 Steps from Dr. Block’s book, The Bonobo Way.  The second step in this different kind of 12 step program is “Be a Bonobo.” Dr. Block has this to say, “like neotantric yoga, Tai Chi or belly dancing, many of these […]

36 Songs to Have Sex To | Eliza Thompson via Cosmopolitan

Because sometimes you need a little musical inspiration. Sex soundtracks are tricky. If the songs are too cheesy (see: Barry White), all involved parties will erupt into giggle fits, promptly ruining the mood. If they’re too fast, you risk jackrabbit sex. So here’s a list of 36 songs to do it to, with a nice […]

BODY SHAME & Other Body Image Issues | Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Sciences

A vital part of good sex involves feeling… well, sexy.  While some of that feeling is purely mental or spiritual, a large part of it is physical. That includes feeling attracted to your partner’s body, if you have a partner. And it means feeling good about your own body, whether you have a partner or […]

5 Ways Yoga Improves Your Love Life | By Jennifer D’Angelo Friedman

Everyone benefits from a little more lovin’ in their lives. Here’s how yoga can help you have a better sex life. 1. Yoga gets you more in touch with your body. Yoga helps you become more acquainted with your body and what makes you tick— and the more intimacy you have with yourself, the better […]

Casual Intimacy | Alison Barber via Sexpert

Here are a few things that make me happy: Sunshine Chocolate Cold Beer Good Sex The Golden Girls Because I enjoy happiness, I spend a lot of time outside. I eat a small piece of chocolate every night after my kids go to bed. There’s always beer in my fridge, and I own every episode […]

How to sign up with an AOL Email Address

Solution Use the AOL sign in button to skip the activation email phase and instantly log in to Bonoboville.   Description When I try to sign up for Bonoboville, I insert my username and I insert my AOL email address, and it says that it sent an activation email to my account, but when I […]

Status Update

Effective Immediately! Starting January 1st 2016 — We will are happy to announce that Bonoboville Status Update now accepts these HTML combinations — <a> <b> <code> <i> <img> <span> *you can decide to have some, none, or only one of the extra attributes as seen below:   Status Update 2.0 <a class=”” id=”” rel=”” title=””>Link […]

Check What’s New

Welcome Back Bonobos! Thanks to BonoboDesigns for smacking down the new line of features we will be releasing this coming Spring 2015! Any questions of concerns will be handled by our stand-by tech team and can they can be reached on the Contact Page. Make a Donation Want to Make a Difference! Activity Form Attach […]