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The Bonobo Way at DomCon LA: A Talk by Dr. Susan Block

Susan M. Block, Ph.D. delivers The Bonobo Way of FemDom Power at DomCon LA 2016, introducing her kinky audience to the FemDoms of the Wild, the female-empowered “make love not war” bonobos. For The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure, go to To help save the bonobos from extinction, go to… […]

‘Art is my weapon’: meet the Turkish artist taking on Erdoğan | Nosheen Iqbal via The Guardian

“Ekin Onat’s project for the Venice Biennale sensationally exposes police brutality and political revolt in Turkey. As the country prepares for a historic referendum, Onat explains why she faces exile It started, somewhat innocuously, with a tree. Ekin Onat waves a hand across Gezi Park in central Istanbul, on a bright but quiet Saturday morning, […]

New Album from Gorillaz titled “Humanz” features a Bonobo Remix

The Gorillaz are releasing a new album, and have uploaded Andromeda (Bonobo Remix) Feat. D.R.A.M. to their Youtube channel. Give a it listen. Humanz (Explicit) | (2CD Limited Deluxe Edition) “Produced by Gorillaz, The Twilight Tone of D / P and Remi Kabaka and recorded in London, Paris, New York, Chicago and Jamaica, Humanz comes seven years […]

At the Museum of Sex, a Bar Where You Can Boogie Oogie Oogie | BRIAN SLOAN via The New York Times

“The never-ending fascination with 1970s New York night life takes a more tangible form at Night Fever, a temporary bar and gallery that opened last November at the Museum of Sex. Built around a photo exhibit of Bill Bernstein’s explicit black-and-white photos from infamous clubs like Xenon and Studio 54, the bar allows patrons to […]

Post of the week: “Isabel Behncke: What Can Bonobos Teach Us About Play?”

Post of the week: “Isabel Behncke: What Can Bonobos Teach Us About Play?” This post comes to us from Bonoboville User, @Max1943.

How to sign up with an AOL Email Address

Solution Use the AOL sign in button to skip the activation email phase and instantly log in to Bonoboville.   Description When I try to sign up for Bonoboville, I insert my username and I insert my AOL email address, and it says that it sent an activation email to my account, but when I […]

Status Update

Effective Immediately! Starting January 1st 2016 — We will are happy to announce that Bonoboville Status Update now accepts these HTML combinations — <a> <b> <code> <i> <img> <span> *you can decide to have some, none, or only one of the extra attributes as seen below:   Status Update 2.0 <a class=”” id=”” rel=”” title=””>Link […]

Check What’s New

Welcome Back Bonobos! Thanks to BonoboDesigns for smacking down the new line of features we will be releasing this coming Spring 2015! Any questions of concerns will be handled by our stand-by tech team and can they can be reached on the Contact Page. Make a Donation Want to Make a Difference! Activity Form Attach […]