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#GoBonobos for “The Bonobo Way” by Dr. Susan Block

Celebrating five years of love, sex and conservation, The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace Through Pleasure is the much needed breath of fresh air in a world set ablaze by the wildfires of misogyny, femicide, and war. Written by international sex expert, and Yale graduate, Dr. Susan Block, her book is a manifesto to female empowerment […]

Astronaut Colors a Ball of Water in Space

They do a lot of cool things up in space, and this video is no exception. For more out of this world videos, check out NASA’s youtube channel here.

Tetsuta Nagashima Surfs on his Motorcycle Mid-Race

Watch this amazing video as Tetsuta Nagashima wipes out mid-race and surfs on his motorcycle to safety. A truly amazing feat. Take a look at the link below for an even better angle and some excellent live commentary. Watch Here

Beautiful Cyberpunk Art from Tony Skeor

Ukrainian concept artist Tony Skeor creates dazzling cyberpunk images with brilliant neon colors, stark contrast, and engaging subject matter. His vibrant works please the eye and tantalize the mind while calling out to some of our common human yearnings. To check out more of his work visit his website at  

“Last Fuckable Day” – Inside Amy Schumer

Check out this hilarious sketch from Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. It does a great job of skewering Hollywood’s female stereotypes and double standards.