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Featured Bonobo: Catherine

31 Aug , 2017   Gallery

cate-imperio-drsuzy-tv_lCatherine aka “The Anal Artist” is a punk rock renaissance woman renown for her innovative performances and professional creations. “I like to create shit” says Catherine, (Owner @electricSEXent ) one half of the @UnlicensedProfessionals duo this comedic vlogger, Lizard Queen is the Artist Manager for @TheDTEASE. Say hello to this Bonoboësque gal.

“‘Wow-wow-wild show!’ I had such a great time rocking out with all of you in the womb room! so much fun and freedom! thank you so much for having us Unlicensed Professionals and the Dtease!!!”

~Catherine Imperio‘s thoughts on Easter Eve DTEASE Res-Erection on DrSuzy-Tv!

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