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Sex-Positive in the Trumpocalypse on DrSuzy.Tv

12 Dec , 2016  

rope_t“Gathered together in our Womb Room, a multi-colored congregation of pundits and porn stars, journalists and fetishists, monogamists and polyamorists, singers and swingers, vamps and veterans, from Hollywood to Tehran, faces the impending Trumpocalypse with lively discussion, Bonoboville Communion, erotic play, music, laughter, striptease… and protective gas masks, just in case….”

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Sexual History: The Ancient Erotica of Great Civilizations | Theodore Carter via Dirge

7 Dec , 2016  

khajuraho-temple-header“Though it may not be polite to talk about in history class, erotica appears in most great civilizations in human history. From hieroglyphs of fornicating Egyptians, to wild orgiastic Greek romps painted on pottery, to octopus cunnilingus wood cuts in Edo-period Japan, when there is art and culture, there is erotica….” READ MORE

Theodore Carter is the author of The Life Story of a Chilean Sea Blob and Other Matters of Importance