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Spanksgiving in Bonoboville with Onyx Muse! #StandWithPP

1 Dec , 2015  


by Dr. Susan Block

On Thanksgiving, let us give thanks for all we love. And on Spanksgiving, let us give spanks to all consenting adults who need spankings. And let us practice the Bonobo Way so we may find a way to stop killing one another. Let us learn from our bonobo sisters and brothers how we too might live in peace through pleasure… with a little spanking. And let us spank our hands together across a nice warm, willing, well-shaped ass, and let us say Amen. And AWOMEN.

Yes indeed, Brothers and Sisters, Lovers and Sinners, celebrating Spanksgiving on the Saturday night after Thanksgiving is an official Bonoboville tradition, almost (but not quite!) a religious ritual, and this bonoboësque, booty-ful show definitely spanks your twitchy cerebrum as well as your holiday bun-loving libido…. 

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Bla Bla

Dr. Susan Block Institute: Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy

26 Sep , 2017  

The Dr. Susan Block Institute:

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy



“Do you have cuckold concerns, desires or issues you need to talk about privately with someone who understands?”


The Therapists Without Borders are available to help you cope, rejoice or explore your fantasies. Whether you need serious sex therapy to help you deal with your wild dreams, a confidential conversation (about a secretary, boss, a teacher, a student, a family member) or just need to talk about something that you can’t talk about with anyone else, you can call us for webcam, phone or sext therapy anytime.

Need to talk? Call now:

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