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Forced Sterilizations Have Been Occurring at ICE Detention Center in Georgia

19 Sep , 2020  

Over the past couple of weeks, it has been reported that forced hysterectomies have been occurring at an Irwin County Detention Center, an ICE detention facility in Ocilla, Georgia. The facility is privately owned by LaSalle Corrections. The Department of Homeland Security is currently investigating the situation due to whistle-blower complaints. Nurse Dawn Wooten was brave enough to come forward and shed a light on the inhumane acts that are happening at Irwin County Detention Center, and possibly at other centers across the United States. 

There have been numerous reports of women who were sterilized against their will. Many, afraid to make themselves known admitted that they were taken to hospitals for treatment without being fully aware of what was going on. A major issue in not only reproductive rights, this story points to a much larger and sinister issue at hand: the human rights crisis and the treatment of immigrants. How much don’t we know about what’s going on?

Here are a number of articles that are covering the story of Irwin County Detention Center:


The New York Times

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A New Program in Denver Sends Mental Health Professionals Instead of Police For 911 Calls

10 Sep , 2020  

With the escalation of police brutality at the forefront of the national consciousness, local governments are beginning to take notice and take action. Some cities have taken actual steps to defund police departments, other cities are diversifying their workforces, and others are taking steps to minimalize violence for non-threatening situations. Denver, Colorado has come up with a major system that may change 911 calls forever, especially when it comes to minor infractions and mental health calls. Instead of sending police, 911 dispatchers send an ambulance and medical professional. Over the course of the past three months, this new program has responded to more than 350 calls. Not surprisingly, none of the calls required armed backup. 

This story was originally shared in the Denver Post. You can read more about this new development here: