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San Diego Zoo | Video & More

9 May , 2016  

Did you know that the San Diego Zoo has live-streaming cameras that enable you to watch some of your favorite animals? Its true! From pandas, to elephants to apes, the San Diego Zoo live cams give you an intimate look at these animals. Don’t see your favorite animal on this list? Contact the San Diego Zoo directly: San Diego Zoo: 619-231-1515 | San Diego Zoo Safari Park: 760-747-8702


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Tommy Cam | USC

11 Apr , 2016  

See USC in a whole light with Tommy Cam, “A photo every minute from the center of USC’s University Park campus.”

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Inside the Lounge: Pansensual Chef Be*LiVE & Daniele Watts take Bonoboville!

5 Sep , 2016  

Food talk, sex talk, music, art and much, much more! Watch Pansensual Chef Be*LiVE & Daniele Watts take Bonoboville! Inside the lounge right now! Also features bonoboville’s @CarmenFoxx and @Ikkor too.

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Lady Stuff: The Block Party | Leila Block

9 May , 2016  

Lady Stuff has a Block Party with Dr. Susan Block as a contribution to Goddess on the Radio which airs on KPFB 89.3 FM in Berkeley on Saturdays from 2-3 pm.

Interview with Dr. Susan Block about Bonobo culture and what we humans can learn from their peace through pleasure methodology. Special music selections by Jordan Konz.

Expand your horizons and become a goddess off the radio by listening now!


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Female Ejaculation Concerns with Laurie

15 May , 2017  

A conversation about female ejaculation with Dr. Susan Block from the broadcast archives of The Dr. Susan Block Show. For current shows and other events, visit us at For more information, call us at 310-568-0066.

This is NOT a call with an actual therapy client; those are absolutely private and confidential. This is a caller on Dr. Block’s Saturday night live show.

Have questions about these topics? Need to talk privately? Call the Dr. Susan Block Institute at 213-291-9497. We’re available 24/7. Visit us:

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Spotlight Therapy: Exhibitionsim

16 Aug , 2017  

The Dr. Susan Block Institute:

Exhibitionism Therapy

“Show off! So what if you are? We all go through life performing. Being the center of attention, erotic or otherwise, can boost your ego. On the other hand, it can also be embarrassing. It is always, at its essence, revealing….”


2017 is here and our Therapists Without Borders are available to help you cope, rejoice or keep your resolutions. Whether you need serious sex therapy to help you deal with problems, a confidential conversation about a secret obsession or a guided erotic hypnosis to warm you up on a winter’s night, you can call us for webcam, phone or sext therapy anytime.

Need to talk? Call now.

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